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Welcome to my practice. I am now one of the longest practicing and most experienced plastic surgeons in the United States. To date I have done more than 18,000 procedures.

What is remarkable to me is how radically my practice has changed over the years. I want to do more than reproduce my colleagues’ excellent results over time. I have unreservedly rethought and changed traditional procedures to make them more predictable, permanent and safer, as well as with little scarring. Almost all operations are pain free with patients capable of going to a gym within one to two weeks. No patient is tightly pulled, wind-blown or requires contour chairs to sleep. I hate scars so my wounds are tiny and approximate with no tension. All my patient’s eyes are closed on the operating table and closed when asleep.

Much of what i have developed I have learned from the leading plastic surgeons in the world by personal visits. I have travelled to 70 countries where cosmetic surgery is an art form and where surgery can be advanced without fear of litigation. This cannot be replicated in a domestic course. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my teachers and mentors around the world who have given freely of their time and talent.

Beyond surgical excellence, precision and detail there is, beauty, elegance, and the inherent virtue of a wonderful result. During my youth I was an art historian, as well as a trained general surgeon with a particular interest in head and neck cancer. My career has allowed me to coalesce all these diverse threads for my patient’s benefit.

Overriding all other concerns is safety. I believe the safest site for surgery is a hospital; either as an in or out patient. Hospitals have diagnostics, multi specialities present, multiple anesthesiologist, pyramidal levels of oversight and the ability to stay overnight if needed. A select number of patients should stay until the next morning, cared for by my specially trained nurses. Moreover, all patients are seen prior to discharge, allowing an extended follow-up.

Parenthetically I now give all my operative patients my home phone number. This is obviously not the number of a covering doctor, resident or on-call physician. Surprisingly, I have rarely been called. Patients feel much more secure when they know you are accessible and caring. Lastly, I do not charge ever for post-operative office visits. The only way to eradicate late problems is to see them early and learn to preclude them. I know and have seen that patients will not return if there are delayed ancillary fees.

At this moment, my patients are my legacy and i strive to produce the best aesthetic, safest, long-lasting and superior result possible. Concurrent with this, I have asked patients from distant countries and states, to recover in my home and this has led to life-long friendships and shared experiences. Plastic surgery, to me is both a passion and a calling.

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