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The Sagging Arm or The Grandma Arm

Sagging of the female arm from the elbow to the shoulder occurs naturally with age. Women are afraid to wear short sleeve dresses, or have their arms exposed. Many feel that this is their worst defect.

The classical and excellent operation to remove this defect involves cutting out redundant skin and fat from the elbow to the shoulder. I will not do this procedure as I cannot accept the resultant scar.

What to do? To fix bulky or aged arms, I first remove redundant fat through two quarter inch incisions at the elbow. If done alone; this is fruitless. The skin circumferentially around the arm must be released. This allows the skin to contract around a circle.

This is still not enough. The overly elongated jump rope representing the length of the defect is addressed. I do this by removing skin under the arm pit which produces an
invisible scar in almost all positions and supports the arm.


To date I have had no complications or complaints. The results do not produce a perfect result to my eyes. However, patients are thrilled with the dramatic changes and no significant scarring.


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