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I dislike the traditional operations. Having travelled to Brazil, Spain, Belgium and Canada to see the leading exponents of breast lift and reduction, I have come away less than impressed by their results.

The problem in all instances is scarring. Patients trade defects for permanent, visible scarring. These scars are not overly visible early or while standing up. However, lying down or looking down at these scar is unnerving. To-date I have never seen a breast reduction result on the internet with the patient lying down.

What is the problem? What to do.

I view the problem as a container (the skin and areola) and its contents (the gland volume and position). Descent of a breast is almost all in the upper half as the breasts fall like a bucket handle. Therefore, I repair the skin and gland independently.

The gland is removed through 2 to 3 one quarter inch incisions. Gland bulk is generally lateral and this can be exclusively removed. Patients show me exactly what areas they regard as bulky, dependant and onerous. Removal is than custom-fitted to the patient.

The skin operation is exclusively on the dependant overly stretched upper skin. Through a small areola incision, the gland is also resuspened on the chest wall. Skin removal is almost exclusive along the upper areola margin and is virtually invisible.

The only true downside of the procedure is that the breasts must be supported night and day for 6 weeks. There is no pain, no limitation of motion and extraordinary long term results.


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