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The Gift that keeps on Giving

I have perfected an outpatient procedure that last forever, replaces Botox and eliminates most upper lid surgery. It is applicable to men and women of all ages and can replace hair transplant. The procedure softens crow’s feet and raises and straightens the nose while improving breathing. It forever eliminates scowls or frowns and can repair asymmetric brows or change any portion of either brow to a desired position. The middle face will be supported forever. This detailing and menu of options cannot be achieved by any other procedure. Simply put: the Forever Lift or Upper Lift ends looking mean or tired.

The idea of an invisible hairline incision without bandages was developed in Paris to repair major defects in children. This approach had to be inclusive, safe and allow normal facial growth. Credit for adapting this to a simple, permanent and predictable operation belongs to my colleague, Dr Jose Vinas in Santiago, Chile, who innovated and taught me.

What Is It?

The lift is an approximately one-hour outpatient hospital procedure. An incision in or at the front of the scalp, paralling the hair shafts (to produce no injury), gives complete control of the upper face. This is not a failed endoscopic lift, has no foreign material or screws and my results have been stable for more than 25 years.


The balance of the upper face is permanently restored. Unlike injectables, the angry, scowling, depressed look is forever gone. The descending nose (always with age) is elevated, improving breathing. The dropped brow, which causes false lid excess, is lost. Vision is improved and the eyes are protected against unnecessary upper lid surgery, which would cause the eyes to remain open while asleep. As all support is vertical, patients can never look tight or fake. The support also softens crow’s feet. Short of high foreheads can be altered to each patient’s wishes. Lastly, frown lines are gone forever and the furrowed forehead is softened and looks normal without paralysis.

In my career, after 2,200 cases, it has never been necessary to redo or refine anyone with this procedure. There are no repetitive Botox injections. Patients vary from ages 17 to 82. There have been no significant complications for 28 years. There are no incisions or needle marks on the face and makeup can be applied immediately.


As I reflect on my career, my patients do not collapse but improve over time. Patients look like themselves, but now happier, rested, refreshed and more youthful.

For many years, patients had come to me for rejuvenation. Though youngish and happy, they felt trapped in a doleful mask. I travelled to Europe, South America and Asia to visit the most highly regarded and respected plastic surgeons. My patients did not want to repeat intrusive and costly procedures. I was shocked when these internationally renowned physicians told me to address the upper face first, although this rarely troubled my patients. The logic of this is that a human face is similar to a suspension bridge and should be supported from the top down.

I can now say that the Temple Lift has maintained my patients’ personal careers and social relations over time. I consider myself fortunate to be there surgeon.


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